Top 5 cafes and cake shops that you would not want miss out while travelling to Dubai

Coffee is usually the best and often looked for a beverage by both young and old straddling over a tough office work. For all such highbrow ‘coffee pundits’, there are some of the best cake shops in Dubai where every sip of their coffee can be enjoyed with a bite of their favorite delight. There are people who do not bother about how and where from their coffee in the Styrofoam mug came from. While there are some aficionados who want their cappuccino as it actually should be. That’s not all. They enjoy it even more when paired with the right dessert- a cake maybe. 

Ginny’s- best cake shop in Dubai

Let us take a look at 5 of the best cake shops in Dubai that one should not miss visiting when in Dubai.

  1.      G’s Bakery Café Deli

G’s Bakeshop & Café is one of the most popular java joints in Dubai that serves fresh Arabica or any other specialty coffee with freshly prepared bakery delights to the local community here. European, classically-trained chefs prepare a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and specially brewed coffee of your liking.

  1.      The Brass Dubai

The theme “East Meets West” is reflected by the interiors and menu of the Brass cafeteria in Dubai. The soothing décor and the innovative menu with ‘Lavender Honey Latte’ and ‘Sumac Caesar Salad’ make it one of the best java joints in Dubai.

  1.      Common Grounds

This neighborhood café in Dubai serves as a relaxing food joint where one can enjoy a quality time with family or friends while relishing a favorite cup of Joe and enjoying a slice of his/her favorite cake.

  1.    French Bakery

You can get all sorts of baked produce at the French Bakery and it also serves as a takeaway for individuals. One can expect a French punch in each of the delicacy and bakery goods offered here because of the imported European raw material used by the professional chefs here.

  1.    Sweet Lane Cake:

The Sweet Lane Cake shop is another popular bakery in Dubai, where one can get a customized cake or cupcakes, baked according to his/her preferences.  One can get baked delights that are well known for their appealing looks and scrumptious taste.

Visit our best cake shops and cafes in Dubai.