Tips for pregnant women while traveling

A pregnant woman may have to travel by plane due to an emergency, but, traveling while pregnant may involve its own set of challenges. there are many complications with the pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, hypertension or ruptured placenta and there are certain conditions during pregnancy that may aggravate by plane travel So it is essential to know the risk factors involved to take safety precautions of a woman and her unborn baby.

Women, who have the previous case-history of premature delivery, miscarriage, fetus loss or any other health issues, must consult the best gynecologist in Dubai before planning a trip.

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  • Plan wisely:

While planning your travel,  try to choose short flights or with a layover in between as a long haul up flight can be uncomfortable during pregnancy. Also traveling in first at 12 weeks of pregnancy is not preferred the cause of nausea and sickness.

  • Plan for your comfort:

Talk to the air hostess about your pregnancy and ask them all the comfortable seat near the restroom and ask them for a blanket and pillow as well. It is important to eat healthy snacks, avoid unnecessary stress and stay relaxed.

  • Avoid doing strenuous activities:

Avoid strenuous activities like carrying heavy luggage as this puts you at a risk of falling. Consider that your ability to keep up balance is likely to decrease as your center of gravity shifts during pregnancy.

  • Drink plenty of Water:

Drink plenty of water as it helps in the formation of placenta and development of the fetus.A pregnant woman needs more water than an average person.

  • Carry your medicines with you:

If your OBY/GYN has recommended any medicines, make sure you are keeping it with you in your hand luggage and don’t forget to take them at prescribed timings. If you are anyhow visiting Dubai, then do visit German clinic for any health related issues.

  • Perform small exercises:

Swelling during flight is a common complaint of many travelers. In the case of a pregnant woman, it’s very important to reduce swelling or discomfort and keep blood flowing during a flight. Perform small exercises like stretch your calves, flex your knees, roll your ankles and wrist in small circles or move around. It can help reduce cramps or swelling and reduce stiffness. Try to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.