Tips to wear if you are a woman travelling in Dubai

The laws in Dubai are very strict, especially the laws regarding dressing and conduct in public. While the laws strictly oppose women wearing revealing clothes in the public, it is quite a challenge for women! Female travelers find it difficult to dress according to the Islamic traditions in the desert heat.

Even though Dubai laws are more liberal as compared to other cities in the UAE, travelers should still adhere to traditional values. So if you are a female traveler in Dubai, here are a few tips –

The dress code when visiting the mosques is very strict! Women should wear long-sleeved clothes that should cover their knees. They should also wear a head scarf. If the dressing is not appropriate then you can borrow a burqa from the management.

Topless bathing in swimming pools is strictly prohibited. Roaming around the pool without proper covering is not allowed. Bikini or short clothes are allowed only inside the pool.

If you are heading to a restaurant wearing evening dresses, then keep in mind to cover up until you are inside the restaurant.

Desert Safari s a place where you will have the liberty to wear anything that you like.