Steps to follow while cleaning car battery

Car insurance is essential to repair the wear and tear and the dirt accumulated on your car because of driving it for a lifetime there could be many problems such as changing the oil, car interiors or the car battery in UAE. The  car battery dubai price may vary with the installer available and the car battery can be changed & cleaned at home or at a workshop but before starting the job make sure you switch off the car turn off your car.

Step 1 – determine the configuration of the terminals as this will help you pick up the correct branch and start loosening the nuts attached to the cables.

Step 2 – remove the cables (negative and positive ones) from their posts.

Step 3 – check for any leaks or cracks. In general, car battery loses acids and this could corrode the rest of the engine parts. If the wiring of cables in clans is having cramps they should be replaced with new spare parts. If there is no crack or leaks then the battery must be replaced.

Step 4 – mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of hot water for scrubbing the parts. Usually, the clamps and cables pose build up a lot of corrosion and dust and it will need a good cleaning. You can also use a toothbrush for cleaning the battery.

Step 5 –  make sure there are no remains of baking soda. You can use cold water to rinse have a exist baking soda and corrosion.

Step 6 – dry the battery and replace new cables in Clans to avoid any short circuit.

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