Some Common Weight Loss Surgery Myths

There are various Bariatric surgeries that have become popular nowadays. Intragastric balloon insertion in Dubai is one of them, which is the most preferred option when it comes to weight loss. The intragastric balloon insertion in Dubai is the non-surgical weight loss option which is temporary. This process involves the insertion of a silicon balloon into your stomach so that it fills the stomach space, creating a feeling of fullness in smaller meals.

Once the body gets used to new eating habits the balloon is removed. This is why it is the best alternative to the other surgical options. However, there are some myths attached to it. Let’s have a look.

  • You will regain your weight: Most of the weight loss surgeries are just a tool to reduce weight and maintain it. You must exercise and eat a healthy diet to maintain the weight loss. If you do not change your lifestyle, then regaining weight is for sure.
  • You have to eat smaller meals lifelong: This statement is totally untrue. You only have to eat tiny meals in the initial days of the surgery. By the time your eating capacity will increase and you will be able to eat a normal diet as others do.
  • It’s Easy: No. There can be many complications attached to the various types of Bariatric surgeries. Complications may vary from mild to strong. An individual experience side effects such as hair loss, abdominal leak, nausea, shaking or sweating.
  • You won’t be able to get pregnant: No, it is not so. A patient should not get pregnant only during the first year of post-surgery. This is because it is not possible to feed both you and your fetus with smaller portions to eat. After a year, there is no restriction over getting pregnant.

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