How to start your own law firm?

Thinking of starting your own law firm in Dubai? You may have to consider a lot of things such as office location, devices for running the business, employees, furniture, business card etc. The list may appear never ending, but you can complete the task with the help of this article. Here are few steps to follow to establish your new Law firm in UAE


Step 1: Plan things

Before inaugurating your law firm, plan thing like business, revenues, market analysis, mission statement, competitive advantages, etc. estimate how much it would cost to start a firm in a particular area of law and how much money you needed to earn in your first year to break even.

Like any other business, your law firm may also require some gestation period of few months – year depending on the area of law you choose before you start seeing any revenues. Check out on how long you can work without making any profits before you go broke.

Step 2: Marketing

For starting a practice, you need a client. To get a client, you must market your new firm and the services you offer. Make use of associations like young lawyer association, chamber of commerce and other advertising platforms like newspapers, social media and networking to promote your brand.

Additionally, create your website describe the services you offer as prospective clients judge you if you don’t have a website. Nowadays people looking for a lawyer depend on Google and not phonebooks. Hire a website designer for designing your website if you can’t devote time or lack required skills.

Step 3: Select an area of specialization

There are many areas of law to choose from such as employment discrimination, personal injury, real estate, criminal cases, family disputes etc. Rather than opting for a generic “one size fits all” law firm, it’s often advisable to select a specific area in which you are interested.

Remember that your academic credentials, law review, or age matters once you begin practicing. The only thing that matters to your clients is your work product. So, stay focused and everything else will figure itself out.