Everyday Tips to Have Healthy Belly

Among many physical issues, gastrointestinal problems are one of them. Belly bloating is a very common issue  mainly among women . When we feed ourselves with proper nutrition we feel energetic and attain a good physical attire.  Many Gastroenterologists in Dubai get many complains of having unhealthy belly.

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There are many ways to reduce the belly fat and attain the healthy and happy belly. Experienced Gastroenterologists from Dubai help all the patients of belly problems in several ways and also suggest many remedies and everyday tips have healthy belly.

  •         Choose correct a diet for your stomach. The researcher suggests that whoever add whole grains in their diet and refined carbohydrates are less likely to suffer increased visceral fat. Try to have a light supper at night mainly rich in protein and leafy vegetables. Avoid intake of lots of sugar amount in a day as an extra calories from sugar affect the proper metabolism of body.
  •         Try for more intakes of herbs. Peppermint, ginger and chamomile aid in better digestion and reduce bloating.
  •         Check the amount of minerals in your food. The proper amount of sodium and potassium is very necessary to retain the water in the body. Potassium rich food prevents puffing of the belly.
  •         Alleviate your mind , alleviate your belly. Brain-gut connection should be balanced as stressed mind always affect the digestive functioning and release extra cortisol, a hormone which leads to storage of unwanted fat in the abdominal region. Try to relax your mind and take sufficient sleep. As insufficient sleep leads to weight gain.
  •         Choice of better beverage. Try to keep away from soda and carbonated beverages. And also don’t drink them with straw and chew gum as all these activities send lots of bubble and air to the mid – section and inflate your belly. Stick to intake of small amount one drink like 5 ounces of wine, 1 ounce of spirit and 12 ounces of beer, every day. Antioxidant in green tea are very helpful to maintain body metabolism especially work against the belly fat.
  •         Stick to daily routine exercise. Follow some special exercise for your healthy belly and practice them every day. Cardio exercise is very beneficial in losing belly fat. Everyday cardio for one hour reduce maximum abdominal fat. Add bicycle in your abdominal workout. Yoga practice is also helpful in reducing belly fat. Main asanas among them is called yoga push up. Performing some pranayama which includes deep inhaling and exhaling which create some tension in the abdominal muscles and make belly healthy.

Follow these everyday tips and tend to the habit to be happy and eat more. Proper diets and balanced lifestyle will make you and your belly healthy.