Cake Shops In Dubai Perfect For Meetings And Gatherings

With changing times, even ways of working have changed a lot. Nowadays not all meetings are not conducted in the closed rooms but are done over lunch or tea. More and more businessmen and professionals are switching to more relaxed, comfortable and lively but quiet places to have a stress free and successful meeting. The place becomes more favorable if it offers quality food and snacks along with suitable ambiance.

One of the most chosen place for such meetings is cafeterias and delis. This is because best cakes Shop in Dubai help a great deal in keeping the mood light for and during the meeting. Everyone loves one or the other flavor of the best cakes in Dubai, the texture, the eye-catching color and the delicious aroma.

So here we have compiled a list of cake shops that are perfect for meetings and gatherings in Dubai to help you have a successful and fruitful meeting:

 Cake Shop in Dubai

  •         G’s Café, Bakery and Deli:

Situated in Cluster F of Jumeirah Lakes Towers, this cake shop offers the beautiful view of the lake. It not only serves cakes, cupcakes and pastries but also serves other delicacies like gourmet sandwiches, refreshing salads, stone baked pizzas, etc. Because it is deli also, most of the items are made in their in-house bakery. 

  •         Brownie Point Cakes and Confectioners- Karama:

Established in 1997, this place is situated in International House Building, Behind Mall of The Emirates, Next to City Max Hotel, Al Barsha 1, Dubai. They make some of the yummiest cakes, cupcakes, mousses and desserts. 

  •         The Hummingbird Bakery:

With the objective of bringing American home baking to the world, The Hummingbird Bakery offers a variety of cakes, cupcakes, cheese cakes, brownies, whoopee pies and gift boxes. The place started its flight from London in early 2004 and now is about to build another nest in Dubai. At present, its branches are at Mall of The Emirates, Dubai Mall and Citywalk in Dubai.